Wednesday, March 18, 2015

7 Blessings Vol. 3

Yesterday I was watching this film that started out with a summer scene. I immediately thought of New England. Those yards! I knew exactly where it all was. It is strange how different parts of the country can have different looks, no matter how much you claim it to be just woods. What makes it nostalgic with those woods are the cruel months of cold, snow, and ice that hibernate the landscape. When the summer does finally come the world ignites with green beauty and delicate flowers.

What strikes me about this whole process is that even though the earth goes through such stress for months at a time, it still pulls through with such simple and lush beauty. You would never know that the trees that grace the country side have held loads of snow and ice or that the ground was frozen solid. All those vines, ferns and wild flowers come up each time. Even in other parts of the country where nature isn't so harsh with the snow, it does not compare. 

This all reminds me that though we go through great seasons of harsh reality, there are still moments of light reflection and anticipation. As Christians we have a future to hope for that we cannot even imagine. Just thinking about it can give us such courage. But while we are here on this groaning planet, we are encouraged to think of the blessings we have been given. No matter how bleak the circumstances, God does provide. Just think about all the beautiful rainbows that are created when the sun pierces through an ice crystal. That is where God touches our hearts.

I hope that you are taking the time to make a list of blessings this week. Here are mine:

1. Having the opportunity to work with a wonderful church group.
2. Enjoying the warm sun for longer hours in a day.
3. Knowing that God is just a talk away, when I need Him.
4. Gaining peace and calm in the middle of experiencing change.
5. Almost every Christian song on Pandora has been hitting my heart today, in a good way.
6. Eating blackberries with my soy vanilla yogurt (its awesome soy yogurt exists!).
7. The reminder that when I fall, God is right there to pick me back up.

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