Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weeping Prophets & Our Closed-mindedness

It is interesting how we put God in a capsule. So many people claim they worship the same God, yet they all have a different interpretation of what He does, wants, and and will do. Like sending Jesus here... so many people believe in God the Father, but they don't believe in the One He sent. All of His major and minor prophets prepared the way for Jesus, the Messiah. But his people claimed a different type of Messiah and even today we put God in a box, claiming his promises but denying his reprimands. Like little rebels we wander around aimlessly.

This morning I decided to read Jeremiah. At first I read the intro in my study Bible which explained that Jeremiah was a weeping prophet. I was like, "great, this is going to be depressing." I proceeded anyway, into  what God had to say to Jeremiah. I was strangely uplifted despite the overview. I saw where God gave Jeremiah a major task despite his age and apprehension. I saw where God said he would have to face the "faces" of the people, yet God would stand behind him no matter what. I saw where Jeremiah basically claimed he had an inability to speak, but God came back at him saying He would give him the words to say.

I have yet to see where the sadness prevails in this story of how God's people left Him for other forms of worship. I have yet to see where God pleads and still does not reach their ears. I have yet to see the judgement He places in this book. For today, I see the blessing that God gives to His people despite the many out there who deny His presence. We can be like Jeremiah, using the gifts God gave us before birth to fulfill His desires for the future.

I believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah. I believe that He is God. I believe that I too have the ability to put God in a capsule, but that I have given Him permission to rip it apart and show me who He REALLY is. Predictable I am, God is not.