Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Future Blogging Endeavors

I have been rather absent from here for a while and it all deserves a good explanation. Notice how I did not say excuse.... I will leave it up to you to determine that. ;)

When you ask for God to lead in your life, expect Him to do the unexpected. He will stretch you, grow you, ignite you. I always wanted to know what purpose my life had. When God impressed us that we should move away from our home and jump into the unknown, I experienced a surety that I never experienced before! I mean, what would you do if you knew you would only be living in a certain position for two and a half years at most? That is where we are chillin' these days. I have kept our packing boxes. We don't dare buy any more furniture because we know we will have to move it. I am constantly getting rid of stuff, still. I can't promise that I will be working for the church for a good long while. I know that I might have to say goodbye to a lot of new friends. How then do I feel good about all this?

At this point I am asking God the, "what's next?" question. I am on the edge of my seat knowing that He has something awesome planned. I have had to stop expecting my own wishes and start to anticipate the opportunities that God believes I can handle. While hanging out in this status, I have been really contemplating goals and motivations. What can I do now? What is there to accomplish while I am here and now? Who can I reach for Christ? What are my skill sets and how can my personality fully express His message? Who can I reach? How do I get to them? Who do I ask to join me in this process? Where is the community? Why sit here and wonder?

While God has been greatly cultivating my personality and character, He has been expanding my photography and writing opportunities. I have a lot to say and He has been helping me to find an outlet. I want to live to the fullest and forget the life I used to live, full of darkness. So to really embrace what God has done for me, I have decided to take on a project.

For a while, I called it my "secret project" because I found it hard not to talk about. Well, folks this project has turned into a reality and in the next couple of months I hope to share what God has helped me to start. I wanted to continue blogging, but I did not want to do it alone. So I created a website (a.k.a. blog) where I along with a few other women will come together to share what God is doing in our lives and how we will live it out for Him. We want to connect with others who want to or have been connecting with God on a personal level. We will share our struggles, successes, and passions. There will be times for reflection and our two cents. Other times we will share our interests and projects so that we can connect on that level as well. We will talk about family, work, and relationships. This just gives a little idea.

I know that for me, God has done so much. I can't keep silent. Honestly, for the past few months I have been storytelling instead of writing. So I am looking forward to connecting with all of you in this new space! I also am looking forward to the possibility of meeting new people. God has made it very evident that I go through with it and continues to show me that I will grow through the process.

So this is why I have been silent here. I have been mulling over in my mind how this project will pan out, creating a website, and praying for the Holy Spirit to lead. So far I am confident of his guiding and am excited to share with you. Stay tuned my friends!