Thursday, March 7, 2013

Substantial Riches

Posting a blog from my phone was something I never expected. I have changed a lot since I last wrote anything substantial but I guess everyone does over time. Here in my heart there is this growing bud of happiness and peace. It is a security provided only by God and he is the only one that can take it away. I can certainly remove it if I wish and sometimes it's easy to give it up for impatience and want.
I have been doing a lot of soul building. Searching our hearts just makes me feel overwhelmed so I have decided that I have to work with what I have, hence building. Acknowledging that I do have a heart is a big step. I have taken the lies that the devil has planted in myself and fought hard to be rid of them. God gives us the ability to determine the lies and it is surprising what we can discover!
Once I get past the negative concepts and reach possibilities I do the next best thing. Eat good food. Like spinach. I intoxicate myself with vitamins and minerals for a few days and then determine to eat whole foods, mostly raw. After that I go to the gym at least 4 days a week if I can and pump my heart and harden my muscles. Getting rid of unnecessary fat is essential. Lastly but not least I read the Word. I go to a study group to keep myself accountable. It has been hard to study and stay focused. It is actually the hardest task.
Here is where it takes time and patience. Here is where the true light comes in and makes your heart soft and pure. Here is where true knowledge expands and develops our people skills. This is where eating right and exercise come to true meaning.
I am no where near where I would like to be but I am encouraged to know that I am working on motivation. I have been il at ease for too long and without purpose. Maybe I am unmotivated in every other aspect of my life. But being motivated about God is where it's at. There is a reason for living. Before I was too depressed thinking about how I was so engulfed in myself. With God self is forgotten and his love bursts through my lack for a better reason.
I am truly blessed in this house. I am truly blessed with my husband. I am truly blessed to be called a child of a King. I am so rich it's ridiculous. 😊