Monday, May 5, 2014

Excluding the Rod in the Name of Love

After discussing being a selfless woman, the question that runs through my mind is "what else is there to discuss?" At the core of our beliefs, as Christians, is a Christ-like focus where we try to wrap our minds around His amazing love. In order to shine His light and show others who He is we try to become more like Him. It is the ultimate witness.

I thought about it for a bit and came to another realization. While God's character is built upon the fundementals of love, He also has another side to His existence. Discipline and rule. Concepts that, as humans, we find complicated to believe along with calling God love. So I am keeping them in separate entities. This other side has been labeled many things and I am almost afraid to even give it a name. Almost is a key word. As someone who favors on the side of intolerance I cannot be afraid to call something by its rightful name.

God, in his very nature, will not exist without a government. After looking at how He organized the children of Israel in the wilderness for 40 years, I cannot help but be amazed at how much order there was. But I don't think I fully understood or appreciated it until the Israelites wanted a king. Once Saul and others lined up for duty, it all kind of went down hill. It appeared like chaos and here is something all women will understand... I saw DRAMA. And God let the Israelites have their way. Instead of letting their actual King rule the nation, they wanted someone they could see and other nations would take notice of. They wanted to be like everyone else. Sound familiar?

Just taking a moment to compare this with our own lives is astounding. I know that when I give myself to God and His form of government my life is a lot less dramatic. With that being said I have to consider God's holiness and power. With Him as my King I want to follow the guidelines that He has given, so that I can have the well developed life that He originally planned for me. I stumble everyday in this area. I worry and try to control situations instead of taking it to Him. I get impatient and angry when things do not go my own way, but I know that God helps me when I ask Him for His help in this area of life. The more that I acknowledge Him and ask for help the more I see Him moving and working. The gratification of seeing Him move, makes me want to keep going to Him.

I have also learned that God will only go so far with letting sin run its course. Consider the flood and how He was ready to destroy the whole earth and just start over. Consider how He dealt with the Israelites when they were blatantly not following His lead. Even when other nations feared their God, they still wanted their own way and had no respect.

I grew up with respect for God, but it wasn't till I really understood His love that I feared His power not out of sheer horror, but out of reverence. As my Creator I can only give Him my respect. Thinking that the truths in life are all relative to my own views is pretty much nonsense if I am going to follow God. He sets the rules and I am in no way allowed to go ahead and change them. I can try but in the end I will fail miserably and loose out on a life of pure fulfillment.

In this day and age our minds are tested when it comes to moral issues. I am noticing this more strongly every day. I fear that without focusing completely upon God and His government we will be deceived by the devil into thinking that what God has designed is really just relative. Our tolerant society has pretty much spelled it out plainly. I believe that once we let our minds mold love and government into one package we will find that following God's instruction is not a cruelty or closed-minded thinking.

Before we turn our hearts away from God ruling our lives,  let us consider that our examples here on earth are defective. The world has an idea of rule and government that is warped and deceitful. Even in Christianity God's government is misrepresented. I know that this topic today isn't really about my feelings or about my struggle, but I want us to focus on what is not of us. It isn't about warm fuzzies. I can say honestly that I found myself, this past week, trying to reason with moral issues. I felt myself wanting to please humanity in the name of love. With this realization it made me even more concerned for those around me.

With this concern comes the drive for me to read and study more of what God has to say about all of this. Again pray for each other.

- Warrior for Christ