Tuesday, September 30, 2014

That ONE Relationship

A deep relationship with someone is powerful and almost unreal. Knowing all the secrets and commiting the most trust, it makes you feel like you have another limb. There are so many different types of relationships out there. Social, work, hobby, romantic, philosophical, and class. They all require something taken and given from each of us. Most of the time, when both parties incorporate their effort into the relationship, much is accomplished and successful. Knowing each others' place and responsibility is where the rubber meets the road. 

Have you ever considered your relationship with God? Have you thought about the situation that He is in or the one that you have placed yourself in? He wants to get us all out of this trouble and mess. Even though we betrayed Him, by walking away, He is there providing opportunity after opportunity. We just take two sides of the story in order to get what we want from Him with little effort. Here are a couple of scenarios that I have seen us all take...

Scene one, we see ourselves in this sin and get caught up in trying to take care of it ourselves. We have little monologues with ourselves about how we are going to get it all fixed so that we can see God again. Maybe if we just do this or that we will be pure enough to come before Him and have a conversation. He is pure goodness, so why shouldn't we? But there is God, sitting over there watching us mumble to ourselves as we scrub and scrub away at the scabs. He yearns to catch our eye and maybe strike up some conversation, but we are looking at our sin... and fixing... and mumbling.

Scene two, we find out that God has a sweet gift called grace. We sigh with relief that we don't have to feel guilty anymore and go on our merry way. Not even stopping to see God's face to see what He might have to say about the gift or what it can do for us. We end up wondering why God isn't having a monologue with the Godhead about all the blessings we should be getting. The gift kind of runs stale in our lives and we just settle for what the world has to offer because its... well.... shiny and immediate gratification. We have no idea that God is sitting there wanting to commune with us while we enjoy His great gift of salvation. He had so many secrets to success and ways of letting His love shine through us so that we could tell the world of what He has done.

I want to propose another scenerio to you. I want to suggest that you get in real deep with God. Have a real dialogue with Him. Discover what He did in the past (the Bible) for His people while He comes into your heart and speaks to you about what He can do through you. He wants to give you that saving grace and see you succeed! Together you can overcome sin with good. With a little grunt work or what some like to call discipline of your mind, God and you can tackle those whispers the devil throws at you. There is no way that you can do it alone and there is no way that God can perfect your success without your involvement. Sin likes to keep us away from that relationship. Either by pushing our noses in sin as we try to scrub or by taking for granted the gift we have been given. 

This building and cultivating does not come easy and it is not for the faint of heart. It makes you stronger, your burdens become lighter, and your courage like the fierceness of a lion. This is where God wants you to be. He wants you to stand and have the energy to honor Him, worship Him, and follow Him. A deep relationship, gives me the chills. Lets get the chills together.

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