Friday, September 26, 2014

The Key to My Soul

It is much easier to look back on a life that felt helpless when you are grounded and secure. But how do you talk about recovery with someone else when you no longer have that overpowering sense of guilt, darkness, and numbness? How do you show someone the beauty that is waiting for them, when their life is completely different? 

No matter how cliche it all seems, God really is the key. I remember the slow, simple breathes that I took when I drew close to His presence. He has no sin, is repulsed by its existence, and kills it with the touch of His light whereever He goes. How than is it possible for me to be near? What gave Him the ability to become a human and wade through the muck of Earth? You would think that He doesn't understand at all. How does He know what makes my heart sing and gets me all choked up inside? 

Though I am full of sin, He remembers His destiny for me. In creating me He had a purpose and a design for my life. Even though I might ignore His advances, hide in shame, or say I do not need Him. He waits there just for the right moment to make His grand move. He sees that my heart aches for renewal and a drive to succeed in confidence. He places the people I need in my life, colors the sky with pastels, causes the birds to sing with soulful abandon and in just the right key. He changes my route with detours, let's the tragedy make me yearn for something more, just to get to me. Just to show me that what I am looking for is HIM. 

When I realize all that He has done to get my attention, I cannot feel helpless. I cannot believe that I am hopeless and useless. My value is greater than even this world can determine. He is the reason I get up in the morning and do my best. For Him I sing and Him alone. You would think that being a married woman, I should be focusing on my husband. Simply, we are here to help each other see Jesus every day. Like a reminder and a cue, we can keep each other accountable for what really matters. 

So what can I say to those who are struggling? What do I have to give that can bring relief and show others that there is a way to feeling valued and confident? All I have to give is Jesus. Putting the cliche aside, what I have to give you is the key to your destiny. Like a blue print to your soul, that is what God can be. He doesn't give warm fuzzies if what you really need is a kick in the pants. He won't tell you it will all get better when the worst is yet to come. What He will do is give you the courage to face the fight. He will give you the stronghold and like a rock you will overcome. He will light your soul on fire despite your fear. 

Once we take the time to see what God can do, we will do the following:

"Therefore, my beloved brethen, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord." - 1 Cor. 15:58

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