Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fair Weather Friend?

Being in the presence of God is a personal experience. For me I have these expectations of how it will occur. Those times I figure out a new idea in His word or get a strong emotional reaction, I equate with a spiritual experience. But what about those times I just do not feel anything overly powerful or new? Are these not God moments? Communicating with God has not been easy. Making it a habit to express myself to Him continually seems a fail. Even taking the time to listen for His wisdom is infrequent. It can get pretty discouraging trying to develop a relationship with Someone I cannot see. 

What I have found to be extremely helpful is that God is also there knocking on my heart and putting reminders in front me. Not really to remind me to talk to Him, but that He is still there. He  reiterates the fact that we do not necessarily have to talk. Just acknowledging His presence is enough. Those moments that I am happiest also reminds me of His power on my life and where I am at. My feable attempts to know Him,  He triples with His own power. 

When I read about the seemingly impossible task it took for Christ to become human and die in my place makes this connection seem more possible. I might have to continually ask for forgiveness or have Him pick me up when I fail, but Christ only had to die ONCE. With His blood I am fully redeemed once and for all. He did not mess up, fail, have a do over, or forget. He was the ultimate sacrifice for the sins I have committed. When He said "it is finished!" all of heaven saw immediately that YES He was the testator for the human race. I no longer have to believe that death is my destiny. I have an out. 

We get so wrapped up in earthly accomplishments, rituals, and functions that we fail to see what the power of God has done. What we can do is nothing in comparison. If we take the time to meditate on the idea that God conquered the grandest battle/war there ever was, we would know that He can transform our lives. Yes, it takes some effort to spend time with God. Our society does not make it easy. What I am saying is that even though our attempts seem inadequate, God can turn that into something beautiful.

I get overwhelmed thinking about the "end result" or what I think it would look like to be a good friend with Christ. What God has told me, within my scatter brained attempts, is that the end is not the destination. He has reinforced in my mind that spending time with Him even when it is not emotional and full of warm fuzzies can really test my faith in Him. What it will show me is that God is real. He is there even when I just do not get it. He is there when I am struggling. It is a commitment. Have you heard of a fair weather friend? Well, God wants us to be more than that. 

Hebrews 9 (reading this book has really made me see how close God wants to be with us)

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