Monday, April 13, 2015

When My Life Is The Testimony

During the week we struggle to stay afloat sometimes. It is during the weekend of spiritual and physical rejuvenation, that I discover tools to get through the next week. I was in conversation with a friend and colleague of mine about our relationships with Christ. I ended up spilling my guts and explaining to her that my struggle is real. Despite wanting to be the best Christian that I can be and attempting to have an amazing relationship with Jesus, I sometimes just do not get it. I flounder in having the desire to talk with Him. Yet I still know that all I need is Him. All I have to do is say, "Help!", and He is there working with the character I am constructing. 

When I shared my feelings about this situation, I felt a sudden rush of vulnerability. I thought, "great I just exposed parts of me I didn't really want to. What will happen next?" I had to counter those thoughts with the realization that I had just helped out my friend. Thankfully she was so kind as to say I was helpful, but what about those times you share your horrors with those who do not seem to be listening?

Our lives are living testimonies of what God is capable of doing. Becoming more like Christ is not just for our benefit. It is not about succeeding and becoming more RIGHT. It is not about being acceptable in someone else's eyes. It is what Christ called the gospel. Our lives, once connected with Jesus, will portray His presence to the world that has no idea. When our lives tell others that we have been changed and that we resemble Him, they will want more.

It is encouraging to talk with one another and explain that we struggle as well. We are not alone. When I bare my soul and the darkness that exists without Christ, I won't feel cocky and proud when someone says to me, "thank you for the encouragement!" or "you have no idea how much you have helped me." All I can really feel is relief and appreciation for what I have been given. We can all make it, I promise. God is just around the corner waiting for you to be used for His purposes. He is just around the bend waiting to move your heart and change you. I know, because He changed me.

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