Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Travels: Our Trip to TEXAS!

It has been slow going trying to get my iPhone pictures onto my computer, but I really just wanted to share with you all our experience in Texas through them. If you follow me in Instagram, you will have seen most of these already but at least I can give a little narrative.

We arrived in Dallas enjoying the warmth and were able to meet up with our good friends from Massachusetts, Phil and Heather, who picked us up. We spent the first day eating chips, salsa, and tacos. There was a little detour for bubble tea where Chris lost at Jenga, as you can tell from the below photo of him putting his head back in defeat. Heather was so kind as to document it nicely. :)

 Towards the evening we headed to the church where Phil Wickham was going to be performing and recording his 3rd singalong. We waiting a couple of hours and were able to get some really fine seats among the thousands of fans. The experience was like no other and it was cool to be a part of the album. The very end of the evening everyone was really getting into the music, so when Phil had to play over some songs again for the recording it went without a hitch and was a lot of fun. So glad we flew to another state just to hear everyone praising God together. :)

The next day we were in Austin where Heather showed us around her hometown. We went to Callahan's General Store where we got to see real cowboy stuff. Hats, boots, whips, you name it. They even had a chicken that usually walks around in the store, but that day he was confined to the cage. Oh, and I tried on cowgirl boots. Heather talked me into it and, seriously, I wanted to buy them. But real cowgirl boots you need to budget for so I had to walk away.

For lunch we had more TEXMEX at Chuy's which is a pretty popular place with lots of awesome decor. I tried my best to depict how it looked there. Lots of different decor in different rooms. We ate their twice while down in Texas and both times we sat in the room with all the tire rims on the ceiling. Mmm... chips and salsa. :)

On our last day we saw several things, but one of the places we went to was the state capitol. Texan's go all out with their detail. The Lone Star was EVERYWHERE in that place. This was actually the first time I have been in a state capitol. Pretty sad, but hey at least I have been in the USA capitol. That has to count for something!

Well that about sums up our trip. It was cool to have friends with us to not only enjoy a new place but also to show us around the parts of Texas that aren't as touristy as well. We got to go to the local grocery store, Chris went to several music stores, a park with a nice walking path by the creek which is called the Green Belt, and stay at a Texan home. I don't have any tips for traveling, and I should. Maybe if I go on a couple more trips to other states I will have something more tangible to call, Travel Tips... oooooOOOO. 

Thanks again Heather and Phil for such a GOOD time. Can't wait visit there again!

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