Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Mystery of Justice & Mercy

I often get stuck on visuals. I cannot seem to wrap my mind around the idea that God is real, present, and waiting to commune with me. But there are those moments that I find His soothing words comforting me, through the spoke Word. If I would just take the time to see that yes I do have a love letter from Him each morning, I would know that He is real and good. 

Throughout Christianity and even through the beginning of time, we as humans have gotten stuck. We take so literally God's commands that we fail to look at the bigger picture that He is trying to present. When Christ came, the Jews missed the mark. They followed the laws of Moses and then some to the point of pain. When the Jewish Christtians were struggling after Christ's acension, they still could not seem to get past the laws set forth by Moses. They had to be reminded that God set up these laws in preparation for a greater purpose and more perfect covenant. Trying to convice God's people that Christ was their forever High Priest was not an easy task. 

When I look at the purpose of the the tabernacle and all the different furnishings, I am always amazed at the dialog that is created between God and humanity. Before I have discussed a purpose behind the priestly garments and also the candlesticks, but I have yet to speak of the most powerful symbolism in the sanctuary.

The Ark has always spoken of power for me. I have seen the respect and disrespect shown toward this piece. I pictured how it looked and what went inside. I have gone so far as to wonder where the ark of the covenant is today. What I have learned today is that this piece is a mystery in more ways than one. What  it represents is a very mysterious thing indeed. All of heaven stands by and wonders. The law which resides inside of the ark represents the justice of God. He will make sure that all is brought to the right. 

We know what it is like to want justice. We see the pain caused, the children that are mistreated without reason (not that there should be), and the wickedness that just seems to be out of control. God sees this as well, but there is also another side to God. His mercy (seat) is where this equation gets a little tricky. As Christ comes before God pleading on our behalf, God grants His request and sees to it that those who repent of sin are pardoned. He gives them a fresh white robe and calls them His own. 

What the sinner repents of comes in all forms. What we do not understand is that God can give mercy to whomever He wishes and it is given to ANYONE that repents, no matter how deep and far they have gone into the disgusting realm of sin. Why wouldn't all of heaven stand in perplexity at such a wonder? How can I not think that God is so good? He wants to reunite with us. He wants to end the separation. 

Remember the cheribum that bend their wings over the mercy seat on the ark? They are representative of the wonder of redemption. They are the depiction of what heaven is doing. If heaven stands by and is inquisitive of this mystery, why shouldn't we ponder this every day as well? We are the recipients. We get all caught up in wanting JUSTICE for those who have treated others wrong, but what about the justice we deserve? Where is justice and mercy rightly given? We should let the mystery of justice and mercy stay in the hands of our Lord. 

-taken from parts of Hebrews 7&8

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