Saturday, June 9, 2012

grand is where God is

Maybe all of my best thoughts occur during running. I am completely confident when I go out in my worn out sneakers, with some headphones, and push myself out into the fresh air. The last couple of days I have been pretty much racing the rain clouds. Two days ago I worked myself hard. I felt like quitting, my chest hurt, my quads hurt, but there was this hill. At the end of my route. I usually walk up it, but that day I ran up it, trying to keep my pace. I did it and when I reached the top I noticed the sky.

It took me in immediately. The clouds were looming and blue-gray. I could almost feel the water droplets ready to burst down to the earth. It was quite heavy and pending. There in the open area I knew that I had completed my efforts in running and that here I needed to look at the sky and think about God. For some reason I could sense His presence there. Through out Christianity these days we seem to focus so much attention on how God is  a personal God. One who is like a friend or a brother. I for some reason have a real attraction to how BIG God is. Not only do I need that kind of God, I know that He is like that no matter what anyone out there thinks. Even if I wanted Him to be quiet, reserved, and small He still would be grand, luminous, and ready to give His opinion.

I knew that out there a storm could brew. I could feel the lightning stirring, but I wanted to breath in what I saw. I felt a moment of freedom and security. I have been reading Genesis and there in that very moment I felt the God of Genesis. I sensed the power and intelligence. I knew that if He made me and if He is the power and intelligence that I found, then He would not make me without reason. I believe that it is our own insecurities and selfishness that makes us not really live up to what we should be. In this thought I want to share that we must push ourselves passed the wanting to quit and the pain in our "chests". We will feel a million times better in the long run. Literally.

Happy Sabbath!

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