Saturday, June 20, 2015

Gathering Together Under One Commonality

One thing that I have discovered about being a part of the Seventh-day Adventist faith is that is very community driven. Even as I have been traveling and moving over the past 14 years I am able to find new friends and become family with other believers very quickly. Here in Philly, a friend of one of our pastors said that he found it to be pretty awesome that he could feel like he knew us for years, even though we just met. We know hardly anything about each others lives, yet we know what we believe and that unites us. 

Every year across the globe and in different districts, groups of our faith get together for a week or so and attend meetings. Some only stay for a little while or just the day. I would have to say the majority of the people that attend these gatherings are there mostly for the socializing and seeing others they haven't seen since last year or even years. I think this is what helps keep us together in the faith and shows us what Christ really came to do on this earth. To be with us and save us. 

I didn't grow up going to camp meeting regularly (it is what we all call it) and we generally would hop between the one in Massachusetts and upstate New York. So I never really became attached to the whole idea. What I have come to enjoy, though, is just sitting all day outside on Sabbath being with others. The way I feel it should be.

This past weekend in the evening Chris and I met up with my grandmother's church family to sing and jam a bit in music. Most years this is what happens and I always find it relaxing. Despite the heat we sit there, without a care in the world. This year I enjoyed being with family and living in the moment. I actually got out my camera and took a few pictures!

I spent the last part of the evening taking pictures of this little guy. Every time I seem him I want one. He is such a sweety. Janice certainly didn't mind me oooing and awwing after her little one. It was good to catch up with friends and family this past weekend. 

I mean seriously, how can you deny this face?

What are some ways that you connect with community? Who are the people that you feel right at home with? What is it about being with people that makes you feel great? I certainly have been blessed to be a part of this faith, despite how crazy it all gets. 

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